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So you’ve following along on our Instagram? Awesome! You’ll know then all about Friday, and his antics! He’s the funniest little guy and I’ve loved seeing him get used to his new home after coming home from the San Francisco SPCA. You can follow along at @fridaycute!

You can shop his favorite items here – everything he loves to play with, sleep on and / or destroy. Friday is a cat that likes what he likes and only the best will do! This guide is purrrfect for new cat owners who don’t know where to start with all the small purchases they’ll need to make for their darling kitty. Without breaking the bank.

Or perhaps you just want to mix it up and, out of curiosity, see what works well for another cat who might just be a little like yours! So without further ado, here is my cute (and very discerning) cat Friday’s favorite swag.

We see you, Friday! And we are excited for your swag.


Friday LOVES his toys. His favorite is anything related to feathers. To be honest, a lot of toys don’t last that long with Friday. He is extremely boisterous and likes to take out his aggression on his toys (and my hands, legs and feet!). I don’t think there is a single toy that I haven’t had to patch up in some way, either by sewing up holes or fixing rods with tape!

Friday’s favorite feather toys are the ones operated by a human! His absolute favorite will probably always be the simple feather-on-a-string. He loves play when it’s a game between myself and him. Every night at the regular time of 10.45pm, without fail he gets the urge to play. He begs for me to take his beloved feather toy out of cabinet it’s stored in and play with him! I swear it’s the highlight of his day.

Friday going for his favorite toy
He’ll do anything to catch that feather!

He has been through 3 of those already, because he has a penchant for biting through the (very sturdy) wooden handle, when he’s been able to take remove it from the cupboard himself. Naughty!

Friday is a cat that likes to bite down hard when he has a toy within his grasp. Not all cats do this – some like to bat at, or swat items. Others like to play fetch with their toys. But my cat seems most motivated by anything that moves fast, looks like real prey and can be bitten down on. Basically, he’s a beast. He loves the banana catnip toy for the same reason (We got the pepper version!) . He has no interest in catnip, but loves to use it as a kicker and something to bite, kick and cuddle. Cats are strange.

Friday with his Cosmic Catnip toy – as you can see it’s been sewn up where he’s destroyed it!

I’ve tried the SmartyKat automatic feather toy that spins unpredictably, but my clever cat already figured it out early on. He does like the occasional whirl on his battery-operated feather toy, but he seems to see straight through it. He uses it when he’s in the mood for lazy play, and he loves to tenderly lick the feathers sometimes. Yup, he’s weird. However this is a great toy for cats that like gentle stimulation and are not super energetic.

Friday tickling himself with the SmartyKats whirling feather toy.

The SmartyKat chirping hummingbird toy (above) is a toy Friday likes because it simulates real pray. The batteries aren’t changeable, but it does have some kind of powered mechanism inside it (technical, I know) that produces a recording of real hummingbird sound. And don’t worry, it isn’t obnoxiously loud.

Friday loves the simple $3 toy and really responds well to anything that he can pretend is a real animal he’s killing. Nice. Shame it doesn’t spurt fake blood. Here’s a shot of him going to town on the hummingbird on his Instagram!

Aside from feathers, he LOVES his Yvelife automatic laser toy. At first we were a little skeptical, as it seemed like a toy with a high novelty factor from which he’d soon tire. But that hasn’t been the case. I don’t keep it turned on all the time, but I use it on days when he has too much energy to deal with. It turns on for about 15 minutes and you can select the speed and direction of the beam.

It’ll shut off after that time, but then come on again about an hour or two later until you turn it off completely. I do that by taking the batteries out, as I’m never entirely sure if I’ve turned it off completely, or it’ll come on in an hour. It would benefit from having a switch that can be moved into the ‘off’ position so you can be absolutely sure.

If you hold down the power button, the laser will remain stationary. That way, you can use it like a pointer. The automatic laser toy is good for babysitting your cat if you really can’t play with him that day but he needs to let his energy out.

The Yvelife cat laser toy in action!
The house panther chasing the little red laser dot around the living room


We hardly bought any cat furniture. That’s because we live in a small 2-bedroom apartment in San Francisco with very limited living space. We definitely did not have the space or budget (or inclination) to transform our home into a cat palace. So, the very few items we bought for Friday to use get an incredible amount of use.

The number one item for the home we bought him was this PetPals Cat Tree scratching post. It looks attractive, discreet and does NOT scream “a cat lives here!” when guests walk into our apartment. The curved part is perfect for supporting his many different sleeping positions including his favorite: upside-down.

Before we got it, we were worried that he might not sit on it at all. After all, that’s cats for you, right? Spend money on something that’s especially for them and they ignore it and go sit in a cardboard box? Well, the exact opposite happened. He is practically attached at the hip to this thing, and sometimes I have to remind him that I have a lap. And it’s getting cold.

His first ever trick (that he learned less than a week after we adopted him!) involved him getting on this perch / scratching tower! He loves his cat tree because he knows it’s his own place that’s out of bounds for humans.

Friday has of course scratched it practically to ribbons in the 4 months we’ve had him. He loves to play around on it and bite and lick the woolly grey part. But when we have to get a new one, I’m going to get the exact same model!

Friday surveying his kingdom from his PetPals cat tree


Friday LOVES his food! He’s a massive eater and is extremely food-motivated. He never leaves a plate empty and will howl for food. We even set up an automatic feeder because he’d wake us up progressively earlier and earlier because the need for food was so strong. He’ll almost take your finger off if he’s hungry.

Safe to say, the right kind of food powers and fills him. When we picked him up from the shelter, he was on a can of Fancy Feast a day and Purina dry food with probiotics. He seemed to love it, so we continued with the same brand when our supply ran out. He’s been eating the same food ever since!

Friday getting to grips with his Greenies
Almost got the good stuff out!
Friday eating his absolute favorite treat – Greenies. He would die for these!


Friday is still new to travel. I hope that this section will grow the most as he sees more of the world and gets used to various forms of travel!

For now, the two main items are his carrier and his leash! First the carrier. I definitely think it’s worth pausing to consider the type of carrier that would be best for your sweet kitty. I wrote a post all about this, which is coming out soon! The one I have for Friday is the Petisfam top load carrier for medium cats.

recommendations from an instagram cat! @fridaycute
Friday getting trained to use his Petisfam soft cat carrier!

As you can see, it has soft sides and multiple mesh openings plus a removable, washable base layer. One of the other amazing features is that it has an amazing 4 openings! This made crate-training easy, because when all doors are open, it doesn’t feel as intimidating for Friday to go inside. Check out videos of his training adventures here on his IG story highlights!

It has an amazing 5 stars on Amazon out of currently around 800 reviews! The only possible downside I can mention is that because it’s plush, if your cat pees in it (LIKE FRIDAY DID!) you will have to replace it. Yep, the smell never comes out! Plus a very aggressive cat could claw it, in theory? It’s very well-made and it truly think it could take a LOT of wear and tear.

The BEST feature of the Petisfam soft carrier? It folds up very tiny, so I can slip it into a drawer in my closet. If you’re a city-dweller with a small apartment, this is a huge benefit. Thank me later!!

The leash I use with him is the Petsafe Come with Me Kitty. This harness/ set leash is purpose-made for cats, and won’t choke them or damage their fragile tracheas, like harnesses made for small dogs can. The process of training him to love the leash was easy. Though the first time he hated it and howled blue murder, just a few days later through training he tolerated it. Now, months later, he comes alive when he catches sight of the leash. He even loves the leash going on – and what comes next!

recommendations for best cat products - black cat on come with me kitty leash
Friday with his leash on – I just need to take him a little further than the back door now 😉


Ah, poop. What every indoor cat-owner must deal with! There’s only one other household item that I can think of right now! That’s Friday’s litter box. From the start we knew we wanted a hooded box – one that has a door on the front that swings open, and it overall covered.

The litter box is positioned right next to the couch in the living room due to space constraints. So it was a no-brainer in order to minimize foul odors. One addition we made to the box was a special litter mat which traps loose pieces of litter. Yes, even with a door on his box, Friday succeeds in kicking and tracking the litter all over the apartment. At least this way, it stems some of the litter at the source.

The final point to touch on is the type of litter. We use FreshStep litter crystals. This does a great job of locking in odor and absorbing moisture. Plus, a smaller 8lb bag does the same job as a 28lb bag of clumping litter, which again is a major plus when you have no storage space and have to lug all your Amazon deliveries up stairs! It’s also low-dust which definitely helps! Here’s the complete set-up:

It’s been a real pleasure compiling this list and looking back on the last few months of adopting our sweet black cat, Friday. I really hope this is helpful if you’re new to cat parenting or are looking for some solid, tried and tested cat items with an honest review.

If we have convinced you to purchase something, please consider clicking on my link to go through to Amazon. It is not a huge extra step for you (and doesn’t cost you any extra) but the few cents we now make on Amazon Affiliates makes the world of difference to me and to Friday 🤍 (We are saving up for these Inaba Churu treats! Friday is GOING TO LOSE IT!!)

And there you have it! I’ll add to this list for sure as he discovers new things he loves! In the meantime, thank you for reading and for your interest in Friday (Follow him here!) and my website about traveling with cats! Be sure to check out our Pinterest too.

Browse Instagram cat @friday cute's top selection for toys, litter, furniture, travel accessories and more! If you've been following along you want want to miss these expert recommendations for purrrfect cat products. |
@fridaycute’s top selections – shop purrrfect, tried & tested cat products |
Browse Instagram cat @friday cute's top selection for toys, litter, furniture, travel accessories and more! If you've been following along you want want to miss these expert recommendations for purrrfect cat products |
@fridaycute is one picky customer! Shop his expert recommendations for favorite cat products |

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