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Cats and Travel - About us! Zoe, owner of Cats and Travel on the couch with travel-cat, Friday
About catsandtravel.com - a website about traveling with your sweet kitties! Zoe's cat Friday
About us at catsandtravel.com website about traveling with your cat - Zoe and cat Friday on the couch

Get to know us!

This website, Cats and Travel was created by Zoe and a small team of experts and cat enthusiasts. Our writers and contributors are always learning more about the topic of traveling with your cat. I love to share our discoveries and keep learning with you. 

Here, I keep things fun and use humor and heart. I have a real passion for this topic! I hope that shows through in a world that’s saturated with content. 

The driving force behind creating this online resource was the desire to travel with my own cat, Friday, who is a rescue cat. I am in the process of introducing him to the joys of travel! You can follow along his adventures on Instagram.

You can be sure of up-to-date advice and sharing our ever-growing knowledge with our readers. Our hope is that this resource is valuable for cat-travelers everywhere.

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